Vila Rimini 62

The site of the villa is located near the seaside in the city of Rimini in Italy. The historical city, which houses many ancient Roman and Renaissance monuments, had a direct impact on the design process. Two different versions have been produced for the project.

The arrangement and spatial planning of the two versions is essentially the same. Both consist of two interconnected units with two stores, separated in the middle by a rising green slope. The living room and kitchen are situated on the ground floor, while three bedrooms are on the first floor.

The first version is inspired by the dominance of bricks and arches in the city of Rimini, with a mixed approach of traditional and modern elements. The historical and architectural importance of the Arch of Augustus found in the city, which is the oldest surviving Roman arch, among others stimulated our response with arches. The arches are organized in a fluctuating rhythm, serving as shelters for the terraces below, whereas bricks have been exploded into the third dimension, going outwards from the two-dimensional facade.

The second version has a more modern approach. It fuses linear elements in the horizontal and vertical planes, resulting in edgy shapes that offer something new and fresh to the surrounding. The linear design flows through the facade and connects the two floors with the roof and the green slope in the middle, thus resulting in an integral modern composition.