Terraced Haven

Situated on highly sloped terrain in a new developing neighbourhood on the outskirts of Prishtina, this housing complex aims to make a paradigm shift in the way that these buildings are conceptualized, considering the only-functional, rough and sterile housing projects that have popped up recently in Kosova’s capital. The essence of this shift is to tell a different story, to show that the quality of life in these buildings can be increased by moving closer towards the natural and sustainable environment, by respecting the context in which they are situated and by letting form guide us towards our most basic need: a private relaxing space which we can call home. The main mass of the complex unfolds along two adjacent lands. By creating inner courtyards in these masses and by slicing them according to the surrounding streets, we managed to divide the main mass into six separate blocks, each representing a different quality from the other. Lastly we added gradually rising terraces on the ends of the blocks, thus giving birth to beautiful outdoor spaces.