Olea – Home By The Sea

Nestled amidst a cluster of tall cypresses and olive trees, located in Palase area of Drymades, Olea’s architectural style and detail come together as the most exclusive residence offering of the south seaside of Albania. The inspiration for the architecture came from the landscape itself and the need to implicit the endless sea views in every home; the beautiful Llogara on the side, and the horizon glittering with the Ionian Sea’s vivid blues. Olea’s clean and modern architectural line is brought to life by the abundant use of natural materials, fully respecting the location’s traditional materials, and the natural colors and elements of the region. It has a striking facade style with rough local stones, and the combination of natural concrete and tropical teak wood; which are all contoured with an elegant line of zinc. The facades are interrupted by rectangular openings with minimal frames, which are positioned to optimize daylight and sea views. The arrangement of the windows also creates a variety of views from the different interior spaces, while at the same time maintaining a degree of privacy. The site has 6 different living spaces, lot sizes and locations, which presents a distinctive living experience for every resident. The whole identity and these highly detailed 3d visualization images, are all created inside our own studio.