The site is situated in Sofali, in the outskirts of Kosova’s capital, Prishtina. It’s next to Gërmia, the largest natural park in the city, where citizens regularly go for walks and clean air, briefly escaping from the polluted city center.

The total area of nearly 7000 square meters rises as a slope from the street level in the east to up to 18 meters high at the other end in the west. We approached the site with the existing context in mind, considering the potential of the slope and greenery. As the result of detailed analyses of the site, its climate and orientation, we placed the building masses along the terrain in rows consisting of groups of four individual, duplex or mixed villas, which rise gently and in harmony with the slope. Amidst the rows, green terraces with trees will connect, add shade and privacy to the residences. Each villa’s terrace is bordered in the front with a green area, disconnecting them from their neighbours below, thus adding visual privacy as well.

The gathering of a sustainable community in these residences will add quality to the unused land and it will be an unmatched example for the surrounding neighbourhoods and future communities.