Clara with a mustache

These last 5 years, we have worked and poured our hearts into a short-animated film. Today we are happy to share with you the official trailer and some snippets of the tremendous work that went behind this project.

The story begins with its main character – a 100 deutschmark, and its beautiful portrait of Clara Schumann. This banknote travels from one person to another, unveiling their stories and perspectives. Travelling hand to hand, Clara reveals different human emotions and situations. It embodies herself into different situations such as: a war, life rescue, robbery, crime, corruption, fraud, destruction and hope.

Movie Poster 1

Movie Poster 2

Score recorded by the Budapest Art Orchestra


Character Illustration

Character Illustration & 3D Modeling

3D Character Modeling

Sketch & 3D Character Modeling

Ideas / 3D Modeling / Lighting & Compositing

Interior Scene

Exterior Scene