Clara with a mustache

These last 5 years, we have worked and poured our hearts into a short-animated film. Today we are happy to share with you the official trailer and some snippets of the tremendous work that went behind this project.

The inspiration for this short animated film came from our own experience of the last war in Kosovo. Wars are generally fought for power and authority; and always the main motivator behind these two is money. From 1990 to 2002, Kosovo has had a special connection with the German deutschmark, therefore we see it as a witness to the horrible experiences that the people of Kosovo went through during all those years, especially those of 1998-1999.

The story begins with its main character – a 100 deutschmark, and its beautiful portrait of Clara Schumann, with a pair of mustaches drawn on her face. This banknote travels from one person to another, unveiling their stories and perspectives. Travelling hand to hand, Clara reveals different human emotions and situations. It embodies herself into different situations such as: a war, life rescue, robbery, crime, corruption, fraud, destruction and hope for a better future. The film touches on the very real theme of the war and its aftermath, but is constructed and unfolded with a child’s imagination. And animation is the best tool that enabled this imagination to unfold, in the most appropriate way.

The film is dedicated to 31 million children worldwide, who today still suffer from war and violence; because after all, the team behind this film were just children during the last war in Kosovo. The message to them from us, is that your dreams and hopes for a better future should never diminish or fade away.

“Clara with a mustache” has been officially selected to have its world premiere at the world known festival “Santa Barbara International Film Festival”. But the journey of this film through well-known festivals has just begun. It has also been officially selected for another well-known American film festival, the 45th edition of the Cleveland International Film Festival. In both of these festivals, the winning films are given the opportunity to qualify for Academy Awards.

Score recorded by the Budapest Art Orchestra

The original music that accompanies the visual images throughout the film is the work of the French composer and conductor Romain Zante, which was orchestrated by the “Budapest Art Orchestra” with over 50 instrumentalists. Part of the soundtrack, is based on an original piece by Clara Schumann itself, but brought back in a special version by Romain Zante.


Character Illustration

Character Illustration & 3D Modeling

3D Character Modeling

Sketch & 3D Character Modeling

Ideas / 3D Modeling / Lighting & Compositing

Interior Scene

Exterior Scene