We wanted to create a visually-unified interior that follows up this beauty salons identity, starting from the meaning of the name “Angel” itself and its logo representation; elements of wings and feathers can be found in almost every corner, each with a different beautiful twist and unique design, which as a result came together perfectly to create a unique and elegant interior for this beauty salon in the centre of Prishtina.

The space was reconstructed from an old house and storage space, to be this well-planned and practical working space in order to make it possible to offer a variety of beauty services, including spaces for trainings and workshops.  

This space greets you with a 4-meter elegant door, welcoming you with a console reception, built from a 200-year-old barn wood, which is supported by a huge unprocessed natural stone. Golden hand-made feathers are dropped from the high entrance ceiling, creating beautiful reflections and shadows. The main waiting area is quite minimalistic, all in soft blush pink, with a natural stone base for the crystal-clear seats.

Most of the interior elements are product designs that are uniquely made by using materials of old wood, natural stone, metal and lots of greenery.

Upon entering, you discover soft pastel colours, elegant arched doorways that lead you inside a dominance of gold rose heaven. The main stairways hall with a full blush pink color is contrasted by a unique rail, all in white, that divides this space with unique patterns and different art.

The glass wall behind the pedicure area is built by approx. 4,000 empty nail bottles, that follow a curved form of the custom designed seats, with handmade stone sinks.

The sinks in all the bathrooms were all left in the natural state and form that they have been found in nature, only polished on the top.

The hair and make-up area, has a really unique vibe. The wall mirrors have an interesting aesthetic game of irregular shapes that are linked together to create a visual representation of flying wings. The stand mirrors also mimic the shape of wings, which are supported by different shapes of natural untouched pieces of stone, and completed with a golden rose drawer on the side. The hair area is divided by custom made dividers which are constructed with real hairdresser scissors.

The stairs in the hair and makeup area are built around the tree, starting with 3 steps that are engraved in a natural stone, and continues with an elegantly curved stair built by wood and metal. As you climb the stairs, you see the unique shapes of the custom-made window blinders, visualizing the opening and closing of the wings.

From the outside the facade is made out of glass bricks, which give a beautiful visual obscuration while admitting light, creating magnificent refractions inside, but also showing different distorted shapes, lights and colors from the outside.