Albed Showroom

As a leading furniture company in Kosova, Albed’s rapid growth has lead to the need for a new more spacious showroom. Located in the outskirts of Prishtina, the site can be seen from the main highway while entering or leaving the city.

Therefore we thought that the building should be a landmark that would represent the company in the best way possible. We proposed a long and narrow building with a sculptural green facade on the front, which invites customers to the south side, towards the entrance and the parking space.

A chunck of mass has been cut out from the center of the building, thus forming an entrance garden with an angled atrium of glass that rises following the leaf-like structure that supports it, housing the vertical circulation that connects the floors.

The facade follows a rhythmic progression of concrete waves that seemingly hit the shores of the green island in the middle.

The design of the building as a whole results in an alluring sight for those entering or leaving town.